Commercially Operational Waste-to-Energy Facilities

Recycling Waste into Clean Synthetic Gas for Generators

Environmentally Sustainable Alternative to Landfills and Incineration

Reducing Climate Change Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Producing Clean Renewable Energy

Every 100,000 Tons of Garbage Diverted from Landfill Equals ~ 1.5 Million Tons of GHG Not Going into the Atmosphere.

Every 100,000 Tons of Garbage Processed into Syngas Fuel for Generating Power Produces 7.5 MW of Clean Renewable Power to the Grid.

Our Waste Resources Processing Facilities Increase Recycling of Marketable Materials.

Our Facilities Enable the Closure of Active Landfills, Which Represent ~ 5% of Canada's GHG Emissions.

Landfill Methane GHG Are 25 Times More Harmful than Automotive CO2 Emissions (Environment Canada).


The Municipality of the County of Colchester and Nova Waste Solutions Inc. to Explore Innovative Landfill Alternative

October 26, 2017 – The Municipality of the County of Colchester (Colchester) is participating with Nova Waste Solutions Inc. (NSWI) to complete a feasibility study into an innovative and clean alternative to active landfilling. This climate change and emission reducing alternative to landfilling will also increase recycling diversion, avoid legacy landfill environmental issues and is anticipated to significantly reduce municipal service costs.

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Gord Helm joins Nova Waste Solutions Inc.

December 31st, 2014 – Nova Waste Solutions Inc. announced today that Gord Helm, the former HRM Solid Waste Resources Manager, is joining the energy-from-waste company as its Chief Technical Officer.

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Nova Waste Solutions Inc. advances Halifax Project

April 23, 2014 – Nova Waste Solutions Inc., a Nova Scotia based company, has completed its preliminary study and is now moving forward with a detailed engineering study to build an energy-from-waste facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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